6 x 12 metres for play & fun on the ice

Whether ice skating or curling – moving on ice can easily be learned and definitely counts among the most popular winter sports. But not everyone has a lake or an ice rink in their vicinity. With ice4you, you can build your own ice rink on your doorstep in no time and create an attraction that offers a variety of options that people will enjoy. ice4you can be used for an entire season or just for a single event.

As a special highlight

Whether you dare to venture on the ice yourself or prefer watching from the sidelines – excitement and fun are guaranteed. With your own ice rink, you not only provide a space for people to move, but you will also create lasting memories. With ice4you, you have a unique offer that will set you apart from your competitors.

Ice skating

When thinking of ice skating, who does not hear children's laughter and the cheerful chatting of people gliding across the ice and trying to manage a pirouette to the music? Ice skating is fun for the entire family and easy and safe to learn even for inexperienced beginners. With ice4you, you offer the perfect winter playground for big and small.

Mini ice hockey

Measuring 6x12 metres, ice4you is even suitable for mini ice hockey games. As a result of the smaller surface, ice hockey becomes even more racy and physical. The audience will enjoy watching two teams dashing across the ice and hitting the puck into the net.


Traditional curling makes for fun-filled hours beyond the slopes. Just a few quick explanations and everybody is ready to go. The fact that you compete with others while moving in the crisp winter air makes this sport especially popular. How about organising your own tournament? With ice4you, the fun factor is guaranteed.

Ice disco

Disco on the ice? Dancing on ice skates – how nice! Organise a DJ or differently themed discos, add to this some spectacular light effects, a few drinks to get you warm or quench your thirst and the ice rink will turn into a cool party location. With ice4you, the ice disco will become a true crowd puller!