Important questions & answers

We have compiled a list of answers to a number of questions for you. These range from the erection and running operation to the price.

You have a question that we have not answered here? Then feel free to contact us directly.

How do I get ice4you?

The easiest and most cost-efficient way is the collection at our plant in Höfen in Tyrol as the entire ice4you equipment is installed on a vehicle trailer. Thanks to standardised European type codes, registration of the trailer is unproblematic. We will notify you of the collection date in advance and will also send you all the necessary insurance documents beforehand.

On the collection date, we will be happy to make time and explain the most important functions to you, which are also detailed in the included operating instructions as well as in the supplied video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for assembly and dismantling.

Against an additional charge, we will support our clients during the initial installation.

If requested, we can organise the delivery in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Ask us for an individual quote.

What underground conditions are required?

A level surface measuring 7 x 14 metres is ideal, for example a park, gravel surface, a tennis court or a lawn. Also the trailer should be placed on a level surface not more than 15 metres away from the ice rink.

How do I install ice4you?

For assembly and dismantling, all you need are two spanners, two people and three hours each.

Are special connections required?

A standard garden hose connection and a 32A outlet are all that is required.

What temperatures are required for operation?

The ice is stable in temperatures of up to plus 16 degrees Celsius. For producing the ice surface during the initial phase, we recommend cooler temperatures of around plus 10 degrees Celsius.

Are there any legal questions that need to be considered?

Legally, the ice rink is considered a playground. This means that almost all accidents would be covered under the client’s general liability insurance. Accordingly, operators do not have to worry about any liability claims. Nevertheless, we recommend placing a sign with the corresponding rules to protect the guests.

How is the mobile ice rink and the LED barrier controlled?

Our ice rink is controlled from the trailer. The LED illuminated barrier is connected directly to the control cabinet of the trailer. The colour can be changed by touching the desired colour. A Play button is used for setting a sequence of constantly changing colours.

What is the energy consumption?

Keeping electricity costs as low as possible was a priority for us already during the design phase. The energy consumption will highly depend on the weather conditions and the operating times, however, is very reasonable thanks to our intelligent control.

The reference value is about 0.9 kW/h per square metre and day. For an average season of about three months, this means a consumption of 5800 kW/h and costs amounting to approx. Euro 1100.

In low temperatures, the economical system will disconnect automatically and will only reconnect when more cold is required. This makes our ice4you product very efficient.

What happens at the end of the season?

The chilling unit will be switched off, the ice will melt, which can be accelerated to a few hours using a special heating unit. The thawed system will be emptied by pressing a button, will be dismantled and stowed away with the ice rink equipment in the trailer and stored in the chosen summer parking area. There, it can be stored on a very small space until its next use.

Can individual wishes be accommodated?

The size of the ice surface and the technical equipment are standardized. However, we will be happy to offer our clients convenient, customized all-inclusive solutions comprising, for example, ice skates, the accessories for curling tournaments, an ice stock targeting system and hockey sticks as a package.

What company is behind the product?

ice4you was designed by the market leader in the field of mobile ice rinks, Tyrol company AST Eis- und Solartechnik GmbH headquartered in Höfen, Austria. AST supplies the equipment for almost all municipal ice rinks in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, is the specialist contractor for the Red Bull Ice Cross Downhill and supplier of ice rinks for cruise liners and the Olympic Games. AST is a niche champion and professional contractor for everything related to ice rink technology.

What does ice4you cost?

The price depends on the desired equipment and ranges between Euro 79,000 and 89,000 net.

What financing options are available?

Aside from the conventional direct purchase, we also offer our clients customized leasing financing models.